Palazzino Di Corina

Damvergi 7-9 Haritada Göster

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9.2 Harika 194 Değerlendirme
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Palazzino Di Corina Otel Bilgileri

The only way to express the feeling, which the austere but aristocratic view of this building arouses. The armed corners, the windows dating back to another century, the lounges and the courts of Renaissance style lead you back to another period of time. A time when the air was filled with serenades, and duels were fought in the streets and alleys for a matter of honour. Next to the square, at the corner of Damvergi and Athan. Diakou Street, tradition and mystery from the past meet at the same door. 21 individual suites allow your imagination dream, to be transport back to former times of luxury and to discover the deeply rooted traditions, which are still treasured by the Cretans. The Corina suites are situated next to the Venetian fortress and harbour like a glittering jewel of timeless value. Values achieved at a time when space was given emphasis rather than location. Persisting in traditional style and to be inspired by a place full of reminiscences the Corina will make your visit a perfect dream. Both elements are closely connected with the old town of Rethymno, where the Venetian order dominates. Mansions, arches, fountains, doorknockers, wells, rooms and balconies built from wood and stone revive history. Impressive mansions stand well preserved against the wear of time.
* The complete staff with deep knowledge and experience in service benefit and in necessities of the visitor in secured the comfortable and pleasant stay of our visitors. Palazzino di Corina believes that main "service" that it can offer is the friendly atmosphere "warmth" and the true human relationship. * The hotel welcomes its guests with first class services such as warming pool with opposite swimming, pool bar, restaurant, breakfast, room service, 24 hours with reception service, car rental, excursion in Crete and Santorini. *Cafe fortezza In the Venetian harbor there is the cafe Fortezza. In the day time you can enjoy your coffee with a large variety of ice creams, cakes or small dishes. In the night time you csn have your drinks and your cocktails. *Aroma cafe Aroma cafe, which is beside of the Venetian fortress of the town, gives you the pleasure to enjoy the cent and the taste of a real coffee in a pleasant environment with excellent quality and a great variety. Your choice would be the best for sure. *Cafe bar 252 Opposite to Venetians harbor is the cafe bar 252. Your best choice for a night clubbing. The nice music and the good service will fulfill your expectations for a pleasant night. *Erofili The restaurant in the heart of the old town of Rethymno where there once was an ancient theatre that was destroyed in the second word war.It was renovated in 1995 according to the traditional Venetians architecture. You can enjoy traditional Cretan and Mediterranean dishes.
* Palazzino di Corina all rooms provides hydro massage, bath hair dryer fridge- mini bar, safe, air-conditioning regulation autonomy, system of music, aatellite television, radio, telephone, tele work services, internet approach services and e-mail service.
Rethymno has many attractive places to visit. The "Fortezza" fortress build up in 1573 for the town protection. It has four ramparts and three entrances while in north the design is rudimentary with points. From 1300 until today the Venetian harbor of Rethymno keep its physiognomy and graphite. The most characteristic revolution monument of Rethymno "Loggia" is the monumentary building of Venetian domination. Five mosques that saved until today remember the years of Turkish conquest. The building of prefecture composes monument neoclassic rhythm and builds in 1845. At last all the old town of Rethymno is in good situation with the public and personal monuments Venetian and Turkish domination in well good looking. When you visit Rethymno and knowing geography position you can visit all the history and archeology monuments of island without be necessary to drive distance longer than 100 kilometers. (Don't forget that Crete is the biggest Greek island). In the north coast is Arkadiou church, the arceological town of Elefterna and the Anogia with the Ideon Andro. In south coast is Prevelis, Spili and Agia Galini. In the east Chania, Sfakia, Samaria gorge and in the west Knossos, Festos and Iraklio with the famous archeological museum are some of the sights of island that you must not forget to visit. Links to the public transport network can be found near of the hotel. The town of Preveli is around a 40-minute car journey from the hotel.

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