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Redang Pelangi Resort located at the centre of Pasir Panjang beach.Looks out to a deserted beach, a welcomed change from to tourist-infested main beach area. Amenities leaves much to be desired, but guess thats the tradeoff for privacy. Redang is on the whole a peaceful community so expect no alcohol and partying but plenty of nice beach views and tranquility. The staff and guides are friendly and eager to help. Rides to the main snorkelling area and marine cove etc are included and since the place is so small you'll pretty much get to know everyone there in a while. Gazetted as a Marine Park in 1994, it is a heaven for scuba diving and ideal for memorable holidays with crystal clear water, powdery white sandy beaches, spectacular off shore snorkeling.
* Redang Pelangi Resort offers a facilities and activities such as Beach Games / Leisure , Beach volleyball, Kite flying, Congkak, Sand-castle building, Card / board games, Canoeing, Dive Shop & Snorkeling Centre, Equipment for diving & snorkeling for rent, Souvenir Shop, Canteen, Fishing trip, Beach Disco, Karaoke, CD Movie, Round island trip, Boat transfer to other islands. * Facilities included canteen, souvenir shop, beach disco, karaoke, scuba-diving, fishing trip, round island trip, beach games, indoor games, video cds.
* The resort has about 42 rooms and 6 of them are of twin sharing basis, while the remaining 37 are quad-sharing. * The rooms are air-conditioned twin and quad sharing with bath attached ensuring private and comfortable stay.
Located at the center of Pasir panjang beach in Pulau Redang. Redang Island, paradise of the Malaysian east coast group of marine park islands, is situated 45km northeast of Kuala Terangganu.

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